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What Customers Say

I love My Tonic Bar because they mix so well with most liquids. I love them with water or almond milk, but if I need an extra kick, I go for coffee! They're just the flavoring I need and better value than any coffee house custom latte. Kate is so passionate about her products and it shows - she's always innovating, so knowledgeable AND responsive. I love My Tonic Bar, I'm a super fan for life!

Kirstie C.

I was so excited when I found Kate and My Tonic Bar through a friend! After reading her story I could definitely relate with having digestive issues myself. I had tried countless supplements, powders, etc. to help but never found anything as good as My Tonic Bar. I love the clean, amazing ingredients she uses and all the research behind why she uses them. As a non-coffee drinker, Kate created a custom chai blend for me that is out of this world! I love blending my tonics with almond or oat milk for a super frothy like latte. I am also newly obsessed with Shroom Mocha - so satisfying for any sweet treat lovers like me! I could not be happier to have met Kate (she’s amazing and super knowledgeable) and I honestly look forward to have a My Tonic Bar blend every day!

Maura W.

U Blend

We make it easy for you. All you need to do is to boil some water (or coffee for the boosters), add one serving of the blend, and for the best results blend it in the blender for 10-20 sec. Blending completely emulsifies the healthy fats and gives you a yummy, creamy concoction with a beautiful frothy top. Please, make sure that your blender can handle hot beverages. Even though a blender is preferable, hand mixing can work too.